solidarity with treefighters of Gezi Park

Local demonstrators and a number of parliamentary deputies partially blocked the demolition of the last green public space in the center of Istanbul, despite police forces again resorting to tear gas to disperse the group. The struggle eventually transformed into a night-long sit-in protest by the demonstrators. hurriyetdailynews

We know what you are feeling – 973 days before and still now we are fighting for trees here too! Our goals are the same – fighting for life against the cold senseless concrete world! They fight against nature an the people with violence and destruction too, only for more money and soulless cities without life and livable cities. we lost our fight in 2010 – we remember it as „Black Thursday“ and Years after we finally and sadly lost the most of the trees:

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But we are still here! Thousands still here and on the streets every fucking week and many still remember the big old trees they killed without ANY sense! They only destroyed and killed trees but they only can hurt and destroy! See the last month of our previously beautiful park here in Stuttgart:

They call it construction area but it is still a town cemetery – a boneyard of big old trees!

IMG_9473Cheer up! – you are on the right side! Keep on streaming / posting pictures  showing their destructive way – their violence and your fight for nature! We have a eye on your fight and in the end your fight will be the better way! They will choke on their concrete! Keep your fire burning and don´t give up your fight until that justice is done! 

( Alexander Schäfer auf )

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