Amnesty-Bericht zum Gezi-Park

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Brutal denial of the right to peaceful assembly in Turkey

On 30 May 2013, police cleared Gezi Park in central Istanbul of a small group of protestors opposed to its destruction. The denial of their right to protest and the violence used by the police touched a nerve and a wave of anti-government demonstrations swept across Turkey.

The authorities’ reaction was brutal and unequivocal. Over the next few months, police repeatedly used unnecessary and abusive force, including tear gas, water cannons and beatings, to prevent and disperse peaceful demonstrations. By early July over 8,000 people had been injured. There is strong evidence linking the deaths of three protestors to the abusive use of force by police.

While little progress has been made in investigating and bringing police officers responsible for abuses to justice, thousands of demonstrators have been detained; hundreds risk prosecution simply for organising or attending the protests.

Journalists, doctors and lawyers who documented the events, supported the protestors or defended their rights have been arrested, beaten, threatened and harassed, as the government has sought to silence and smear those speaking out against it.

This report documents the human rights violations that have accompanied the crushing crackdown on the Gezi Park protest movement and calls on the Turkish authorities to respect the right to freedom of assembly, stop police abuses and end unfair prosecutions against peaceful protestors. ( Index: EUR 44/022/2013)

… als PDF (Türkçe şeklinde) auf und von Amnesty-International

Im Bericht „Gezi Park protests: Brutal denial of the right to peaceful assembly in Turkey“ ist die Rede von 4900 Festnahmen und 8000 Verletzten (ca. 61 Schwerverletzte.) Laut Türkischer Ärztekammer 104 Opfer (schweren Kopfverletzungen) elf Menschen welche mindestens ein Auge verloren haben. Die Kammer bestätigt, dass drei Menschen durch Gewaltanwendung der Sicherheitskräfte getötet worden sein sollen.

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